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Yitzhak D Stern – How Can Leaders Focus on Relationship Building

Building Relationship

One of the best ways to build trust within a team and ensure that everyone happily works towards a shared goal you need to focus on cultivating meaningful relationships at work. It is the leader’s job to build a culture where everyone trusts each other for what they do and is very happy at work.

So how can leaders focus on relationship building with employees? To know more about this, continue reading!

Tips to Build Effective Workplace Relationships by Yitzhak D Stern

Here are a few helpful tips by Yitzhak D Stern that can allow you to become a much better leader!

1.     Communicate Often

Leaders should communicate with others who work for them very often. This is one of the key aspects of relationship building. When employees are talking to you, actively listen to what they are trying to say and process information accordingly. Similarly, when you talk to them about something, try to be very clear so that they understand what you are saying. With clarity from both ends, things become a whole lot simpler.

2.     Build Trust

Building trust in the workplace is equally important. Your team members should be able to trust you with what you are saying. How do you do that? Try to stay true to all the promises you make. Not just that, but also be very consistent in your behavior. Try to regulate your emotions under all circumstances. Yitzhak D Stern says you must also support your employees when they need it the most.

3.     Spend Time

You can only get to know your employees better when you spend time with them. Maybe you could talk to them over lunch when at work or schedule some time for coffee outside of work. This will help you build meaningful relationships with others when at work.

4.     Set Boundaries

To foster a healthy relationship with others around you, you need to set apparent boundaries. There are some things that the employees should know they can’t do. When you are very clear with the boundaries you set, it allows everyone to focus on their work and reduces the chances of misunderstandings.

5.     Show Appreciation

When someone does something good, appreciate them and be happy for them too. Complimenting employees motivates them further to do their best and work even harder towards achieving their goals.

6.     Offer Help

If an employee is struggling with something, be there for them and offer them help, says Yitzhak D Stern. They should know that you will be there to guide them through everything.

7.     Avoid Gossip

If you notice someone talking behind another’s back, or gossiping about something, try to change the topic or not engage in the conversation. Instead, focus on educating employees on how gossip can ruin meaningful workplace relationships. Have honest conversations with others around you, and you will see how that helps build great relationships.

Final Words by Yitzhak D Stern

So, on the whole, the idea is to work towards making your workplace relationships better over time. These helpful tips by Yitzhak D Stern will help you get there.